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We offer you any kind of statistic research on the current .com and .net domains database that we update frequently. Number of domains: any kind of filters (number of any word used in all domains e.g. “credit card”). If you have any questions or would like to get any statistic data on domains please contac us yapl.support@gmail.com .

In future we are planning to create the Online Domain Statistic Service for you to get all the domains statistic data at the hand.

New Doman naims for .com and .net

april 2017
march 2017
february 2017
january 2017

december 2016
november 2016
october 2016
september 2016
july 2016
june 2016
may 2016
april 2016
march 2016
february 2016
january 2016

november 2015
october 2015
september 2015
august 2015
july 2015
june 2015
may 2015
april 2015
march 2015
february 2015
january 2015
december 2014
november 2014
october 2014
september 2014
august 2014
july 2014

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